Amy and Tim, Rudding Park

Amy and Tim, Rudding Park

As a York wedding photographer I am spoilt for choice with the venues I work at, however, having studied photography in Harrogate, the city is almost as close to my heart as York. I have worked at the beautiful Rudding Park in Harrogate many times before, doing society events, but I had never done a wedding and always wanted to.

Weddings at Rudding Park are amazing events as the venue is stunning. Imagine my delight when I was recommended by a lovely couple, to another lovely couple, who were getting married at Rudding! Amy and Tim are great and we immediately got on well. I was so pleased they chose me to be their photographer, and I met them at the venue so we could look round before the big day and I could view it through a wedding photographers eye! There are so many possibilities for wedding photography at Rudding Park that I needed to prioritize the shots.

On the day itself, the weather was perfect, if a little cold. Overcast but bright enough - lots of sun shine is not a good thing, as many people think! The ceremony was lovely, very personal, and the room it was held in was great for photos. After the ceremony was over, all the guests went to the courtyard for group shots, which is a lovely area. I always have a full photo list with me so I know what I am doing and when, and I make sure I cause minimum fuss and hanging about for the guests.

After the groups, we moved on to the shots of Amy and Tim, and as I have said, the possibilities at Rudding are endless! Exterior shots included by the huge windows in the courtyard, and walking hand in hand with the hall in the background. Inside the main shots were centered around the amazing staircase. This is perfect for shots looking down, and also for some nice bridal party shots.

All in all it was a great wedding to be a part of - lovely relaxed couple and a stunning venue.