Baby photography - newborn photography in York

Weddings are the main part of the work that I do, however I am lucky enough to also photograph children and babies. Being a mother myself, I understand the importance of baby photography and child portraits - they grow so fast and change so quickly! Those special times need to be captured forever ...

Baby photography is a real passion of mine. I love it when I get a newborn shoot. If the baby is 10 days old or less it is perfect for the shoot! A really young baby is easier to position, and the younger the better. I totally understand that having just given birth, women have other things to concentrate on - like the baby! - rather than thinking about a photoshoot (I didn't give a professional baby photo shoot a second thought when I had Mia!). However, for the best results, to capture those "crunched up" poses, those beautiful positions with the little legs tucked up and the sleepy head reasting on the tiny hands, 10 days old or less is the key!

My baby photos take as long as they take. I do not charge per hour, it is always a set (and very reasonable) fee, whether it takes an hour or all day. Each shoot is determined by each individual baby, and if they are unsettled or hungry, we stop until they are ready again. The shoots are done at my home in York, with a studio set up, which is personal and relaxing. Plenty of coffee and milk breaks always help!

My shoots are fun - I have some brilliant props, and setting them up with the mother and baby is enjoyable. I especially love black and white baby photography, and although child portraits in York can be quite a competitive market, I think my images speak for themselves. I also know clients appreciate my relaxed and down to earth way of working, and the fact that I am a mother myself.

Speaking from experience, I took loads of "snaps" of Mia when she was a baby, but I never set up a "proper baby photo shoot". My mind was not on work at that time! However, I do regret it, and I wish I had done some of the beauiful images I am now creating for others, of my own daughter for myself. It is not a stressful or expensive thing, and I can highly recommend booking a newborn shoot with me, so those precious first few days and weeks can be treasured forever.