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Wedding Photography - details of the day





Wedding photography is my greatest passion when it comes to my job, and I am so lucky to be involved in so many lovely happy days!

My style is very natural and informal and whilst I am happy to capture group shots, I never let them take over the day. I spend time with each couple getting lovely artistic yet natural shots of them, and I also allow time to capture the informal candid moments. It is also important to get shots of the lovely details of each day, so the couple can remember the little touches that made their day unique forever.

Bridal preps start with set up shots of the dress, shoes, flowers, jewellery etc, and I think this is a perfect way to start the day. Then I move on the groom and his party, and capture button holes, cuff links, shoes etc. Throughout the day I am always looking out for those special details, such as signs, pillar boxes, table decorations, favours, bunting.....

Details of the day are what makes each wedding unique and make sure I capture as many as I can on each lovely wedding day.

Property Photography and Floor Plans




Much of my work in recent years is property photography. I work for various local estate agents in York, as well as owners of guest houses and b and bs. Professional property photography is so important to showcase each place at it's best. Hopefully each property will be nice and tidy when I arrive (it's not always, but usually!) It's important to declutter as much as possible, and little things like putting away towels, toilet rolls, pet bowls and bins, really do help.

I use a wide angle lens, 10mm - 20mm and a monopod, which I love! I used to use a tripod, but the camera I currently use is brilliant with low light, so I don't need to use a really slow stutter speed, hence a monopod is enough, and it allows me to get in to tight corners, as well as capture high up exterior shots.

In most property shoots, I also provide a fully measured and detailed floor plan. This is recent skill that I have taught myself, and something I really enjoy doing. The biggest floor plan I have ever done was a 20 bedroom hotel, showing all rooms, fixtures, fittings and communal areas - which was a challenge!

I love doing property photography and think it a really important thing for anyone selling, letting or advertising a property.

New born baby studio shoot



This was another lovely new born shoot with the gorgeous baby Grace. Grace was so perfectly behaved and slept for most of the shoot. Most babies are a bit unsettled for some of each shoot - it is to be expected and it really doesn't matter at all, hence all shoots involve as many milk breaks as are required! Grace was so settled throughout the whole shoot though, she was a star! If baby is sleepy it is much easier to get the lovely crunched up poses. Having said that, it is also nice to get some of baby awake, and we got some fab shots of Grace with her big eyes open as well!

For a newborn shoot I start with photos of baby on his or her own, then add in parents and / or siblings if required. It is nice to get as many images as possible as these first few days go so quickly and little ones change so fast.

I am so lucky that my work involves capturing these precious times.

New born baby studio shoot



This was such a lovely shoot to do for so many reasons! Firstly I love newborn photography! Seeing the babies just a few days old is such a privilege. This shoot was extra special as I did the baby Stanley's parent's wedding a few years ago and have also done new born shoots for their 2 other children over the years. They are a great family and it has been so lovely to see them grow!

Baby Stanley was a star! I always allow as much time as is needed for a baby photo shoot. Ideally it is best if the baby is fast asleep as it makes it much easier to get the lovely crunched up poses. I always allow plenty of time for milk breaks during these shoots and if baby is unsettled we wait until they are happy again.

For a newborn shoot I start with photos of baby on his or her own, then add in parents and / or siblings if required. It is nice to get as many images as possible as these first few days go so quickly and little ones change so fast.

I am so lucky that my work involves capturing these precious times.

Top tips when choosing your wedding photographer

When booking the photographer for your wedding it is imperative you get it right. The photographer is someone who will be with you for a long time on your big day, and the photos are one of the few things you will keep after the wedding. There are so many photographers out there, where do you start? I have put together a few tips that may help you when you start looking ...

  1. Personal recommendation if possible. Do you know anyone who has recently got married? Who was their photographer and were they happy? If someone you know can recommend a photographer personally that is a good start. Do you know anyone in the industry?
  2. Look at different photographer’s websites to compare styles and packages. Are they more traditional or contemporary in the way they work? Not all will have their prices on their website, so contact 5 or 6 to get an idea of cost.
  3. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option. In fact, often there is a reason if someone is much cheaper than others. This could be a very good photographer just starting out who cannot charge established prices. But do make sure you know first.
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Why I set up the Wedding Industry Network ...

I set up my business in 2001. When I first started I had no experience of “networking”, indeed I didn’t even know what it was. One day, out of the blue, I got a phone call from a financial adviser, telling me he was part of a networking group “who were looking for a photographer to pass business to”. I thought it was too good to be true so I went along to one of the meetings.

And indeed it was! The joining fee of £500, plus monthly dues of £35, was way out of my league as a new business. However, having just left college, with no real business contacts and not enough money coming in, I knew I had to do something to grow my business. It was a “take a risk or go under” situation.

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Why I love being a wedding photographer so much!

I am one of the few lucky people that can honestly say “I love my job!” If I wasn’t doing it to earn a living then I would still be doing it as a hobby ... I am a freelance photographer specialising in weddings.

Photography – capturing a moment in time and preserving it forever. Creating visual memories of people, events, landscapes, details ... This is my passion.

When I first set up in business in 2001, I will be honest, I said I never wanted to do wedding photography! It is such a huge responsibility, and I did not feel ready! However, after doing a few “freebies” for people I knew, I began to enjoy it. The more weddings I did the more I began to love doing them. What is not to love? I am taking photos, which is my passion, and I am a part of one the happiest days you can have.

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Baby photography - newborn photography in York

Weddings are the main part of the work that I do, however I am lucky enough to also photograph children and babies. Being a mother myself, I understand the importance of baby photography and child portraits - they grow so fast and change so quickly! Those special times need to be captured forever ...

Baby photography is a real passion of mine. I love it when I get a newborn shoot. If the baby is 10 days old or less it is perfect for the shoot! A really young baby is easier to position, and the younger the better. I totally understand that having just given birth, women have other things to concentrate on - like the baby! - rather than thinking about a photoshoot (I didn't give a professional baby photo shoot a second thought when I had Mia!). However, for the best results, to capture those "crunched up" poses, those beautiful positions with the little legs tucked up and the sleepy head reasting on the tiny hands, 10 days old or less is the key!

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It's all in the eye ...

The eye makes the photographer, not the camera….

Some words of advice to anyone thinking of booking a wedding photographer ... I had an enquiry from a lady the other day who wanted to know how much I charge for wedding photography. I told her (my price is no where near as high as some!) and she said that was way out of her budget. Apparently her friend got married lately and paid only £350 for a full day of photography, plus an album!!! Be aware!

There are an increasing number of people claiming to be wedding photographers, and undercutting the professionals such as myself. I studied at college for 4 years and have been in business for 13 years now. You pay for quality and experience. I am not saying everyone cheap is no good - all businesses have to start somewhere.....

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Emma and Clive, St Mary's Haxby and The Merchant Taylors Hall

Emma and Clive's day was lovely - a nice fine and bright day amongst many wet ones this summer! Haxby is a place very close to my heart having grown up there, as is the Merchant Taylors Hall, with my mum and dad having married there ...

So, a fab day - great and personal venues, and a brilliant couple to work with and lovely family. The MT Hall is typical York with the old beams, which I love, especially in b/w. Emma and Clive arrived in Emma's old car which had been done up and it made some fab shots! We called off on route to the reception to Emma's parents house to get some shots with the dogs!

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Group shots - keep them to a minimum!

I often get asked "how many group shots should we have on the day?"

I always meet at length beforehand with each couple to go through all the group shots they would like on the big day. It is very difficult to put a number on the amount of group shots to go for, but I do prefer it when they are kept to a fairly small number, as this gives me more time to spend with the bride and groom, as well as capturing those informal moments which make each wedding unique. If you don't want to spend hours posing, I would suggest a good selection would be as follows:

  • Groom, bestman and ushers
  • Bride and bridesmaids
  • Full bridal party
  • B, G and her parents
  • B, G and her immediate family
  • B, G and his parents
  • B, G and his immediate family
  • B and girls
  • G and lads
  • Full group

Of course, all families are different, but if the above list is used as a basis, and possibly a few more added to it, the formal photos will not take over the day, and will leave the photographer with plenty of time to concentrate on the bride and groom shots, as well as having time to capture the candid stuff.

I always compile a full photo list with timings, which is approved by the couple beforehand, so we all know what is happening, when and how long it will take.

Obviously the photos are a very important part of the day, but they do not need to take over everthing else. If the photos can be relaxed and natural , not only are they more enjoyable for everyone on the day, but the shots produced look much better. My advice to anyone about to make a list of the group shots they want would be to write down all the ones you "think you should have" and halve it!