Interior photography, Pheasant Hotel, Harome, York

Interior photography, Pheasant Hotel, Harome, York

I was lucky enough to be the photographer at a lovely wedding which was held at the beautiful Pheasant Hotel, Harome, York.

The wedding itself was fab and Sarah and Peter are a great couple. I will be posting more pics of them soon, but these images are all about the venue.

I believe there are 3 key elements to wedding photography:

  1. A selection of group shots (the key ones, not hundreds of combinations)
  2. Bride and groom shots (artistic, natural, using the surroundings, not too posed)
  3. Candid and detail shots (these are the images that make each wedding unique and are vitally important to show how special and different each day is. Details and moments want to be remembered forever)

Professional photography of a venue (whether it is for a wedding, or to market the place in general) is imperative to show it at its best. I love wedding photography, and I also love interior photography!

The village of Harome is so picturesque, and the Pheasant fits perfectly in to such beautiful surroundings. I hope I will do some more weddings there in the future!