Wedding Photographer York

Wedding Photographer York

Wedding photography is my greatest passion when it comes to my work! To be a part of a couple’s special day is a huge privilege and I love every single wedding I do. I am very lucky to be a wedding photographer in York as there

My style is very relaxed and natural, and I help to make people feel at ease in front of the camera. Whilst I understand a certain amount of group shots are required for each wedding, I advise these do not take over the day. I like to allow time to spend with each couple, so we can get some beautiful, natural images of the two of them. I love images where they are not looking at the camera, and hopefully even forget I am there! I love capturing the surroundings as well as the couple, and I can see beauty in even the most simple of locations.

As well as group shots and couple shots, equally important, I believe, are the candid images – me wandering round unobtrusively, capturing details, expressions and moments and that make each special day unique.

Choosing your wedding photographer is such an important thing! Not only are the photographs one of the few things you will keep after the wedding, your photographer will spend a lot of time with you on the day, so you have to feel comfortable with him or her. Look at a few photographers’ work, and compare styles and price. Always be clear what you actually receive afterwards for your money. Go and meet a selected few in person. Who do you feel most comfortable with?

I would love to have a no obligation chat with you about your special day, so please feel free to contact me if you are interested.


Fiona and Adrian

Fiona and Adrian

Fountains Abbey, Ripon

... we particularly love the natural shots that you seem to have such an eye for ... The photos really do reflect the atmosphere of the day. Thank you for the way you handled everything ... you were efficient, professional, relaxed and unobtrusive, and it was great to how much you obviously love your work.

wedding photography york

Before the ceremony

Photography at the house where the bride is getting ready before the weddings is a beautiful way to start a set of images. I photograph the dress hanging up, details of flowers, shoes and jewellery, and excited girls looking forward to the big day.

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The ceremony

The ceremony seems to be the part of each wedding when a lot couples are the most nervous! I feel it is important to photograph the ceremony, but I make sure I do so discreetly and from a distance so as not to intrude on such a personal time.

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wedding photography yorkshire

After the ceremony

After the ceremony is the best time to start the formal photographs. While I am happy to do as many group shots as each couple would like, I do suggest not having too many combinations. When lots of group shots are wanted, they do tend to take over the day, and then the set of images at the end are mainly line ups.

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The reception

My wedding package is charged from an hour before the ceremony up until the meal (see prices), however I am more than happy to stay on during the reception, until the first dance. This is a perfect way to end a set of wedding photographs, with images of the speeches, the dancing, and guests having a good time.

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