Why I love being a wedding photographer so much!

I am one of the few lucky people that can honestly say “I love my job!” If I wasn’t doing it to earn a living then I would still be doing it as a hobby ... I am a freelance photographer specialising in weddings.

Photography – capturing a moment in time and preserving it forever. Creating visual memories of people, events, landscapes, details ... This is my passion.

When I first set up in business in 2001, I will be honest, I said I never wanted to do wedding photography! It is such a huge responsibility, and I did not feel ready! However, after doing a few “freebies” for people I knew, I began to enjoy it. The more weddings I did the more I began to love doing them. What is not to love? I am taking photos, which is my passion, and I am a part of one the happiest days you can have.

Now, years later, although I do other photography such as portraits, I specialise in weddings. I feel the most comfortable doing them, and I know I am good at getting beautiful images. My style of working is very relaxed, and while I am happy to get the more traditional group shots, I always advise keeping these to a minimum so guests are not hanging around for hours. It also allows me more time to spend with the bride and groom, getting stunning images of them. Time should also be allowed to capture the candid moments and
the details of each day. I have been complimented many times on my unobtrusive way of working, and the fact that I can be in the background getting amazing shots, rather than in people’s faces. This is not a deliberate way of working, but is just the person I am!

So, I get paid for my hobby of taking pictures. I get to spend a really happy day with lots of people celebrating. I can use my artistic eye to create beautiful images of beautiful people wearing beautiful clothes in a beautiful venue. I have the pleasure after the day itself of seeing two people’s reaction to my work. And then, even further down the line, I get to use my design skills when putting together the album. From start to finish, working with couple’s before the day, on the day and after the day is an amazing experience for me.

I do know I am lucky, as many people cannot say they love their jobs. I appreciate my work every day, and make sure I do not take it for granted.