Formal Wedding Photographs

York wedding photography

After the ceremony - formal wedding photographs

After the ceremony is the best time to start the formal photographs. While I am happy to do as many group shots as each couple would like, I do suggest not having too many combinations. When lots of group shots are wanted, they do tend to take over the day, and then the set of images at the end are mainly line ups.

I work closely with each couple to get a list together of all the group shots they would like. I then put the list in to the best order to take them, to cause minimum fuss, with timings. Each couple gets a full photo itinerary before the day, so they know what is happening and when. Of course the formal photos are dependant on the venue(s) and what the couple want, but generally I start with the largest group shot first where possible, and work down to the smaller ones, so people no longer needed are not hanging about.

After all the group shots are done, I love to spend time with the couple, getting beautiful and natural shots of the two of them. Again, I use available light wherever possible and only resort to using flash when I have to. I like the couple to look like themselves in my pictures, so I never over pose them. Photos that have been stylised too much can look very un-natural, and I prefer to capture people and moments as they truly are.