Bump Photography

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Maternity Photoshoot

Using low light and lovely poses, I capture pregnant ladies looking their most beautiful. A baby bump is such a gorgeous thing, and I feel that it is most important to capture this special time forever.

Being a mum myself I am able to capture the beauty of pregnancy in a very understanding way. I talk to each lady at length to find out exactly what she would like from the shoot, and the style of images that best suit her. A shoot in the studio produces well lit, very artistic images, which work beautifully in black and white.

Equally as lovely, in a more informal and relaxed way, is when I do the shoot in the comfort of people’s own home, using the environment they have around them. Each shoot is done in a sensitive way, but it is also a very enjoyable and often liberating, experience. The father to be can be involved in these shoots, but equally it can be just the mother.