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Matt and Tom, civil ceremony, Fairfield Manor, same sex wedding photography, wedding photography York

Matt and Tom's wedding was amazing! Such a fab couple and it was a really emotional day. At a venue close to my heart, Fairfield Manor in York.


I was there for the preperations, so unusually I was working between 2 rooms as the boys were getting ready at the same time but didn't want to see each other. They both looked fab in matching suits and they saw each other for the first time as they met and walked down the isle together.

After the (emotional!) ceremony, we did the group shots outside the hotel, then I took Matt and Tom down to the bridge, which is a lovely area at Fairfield. I have done same sex ceremonies before, but this was my first big wedding for 2 guys, and I loved it! A great couple, and so easy to work with. And the best table plan I have ever seen, all hand sewn by Tom!

I am gald that Matt and Tom booked me to stay until the first dance, as it meant I was a part of the whole day, and got to see all the best bits!