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Family portrait shoot for Christmas

I am so lucky, I LOVE my job!!! Over my 20 odd years in business “people photography” has always been my greatest passion.... weddings and family groups, toddlers and babies. Each shoot is special to me and I capture people in a natural, informal way,  and work with the environment I’m in. 

Unfortunately, this year all but 2 of the weddings I had booked have rearranged to another date due to Covid. I’ve really missed doing them and cannot wait until the wedding industry is back on its feet again. Thankfully I’ve been extremely busy with the other side of my business which is property photography, as well as doing loads of family groups. 

A family portrait is something which can be treasured forever, and is often overlooked until children have grown up. It is lovely to capture a family at different stages over the years, and people should not put off having it done, as in years to come they may regret not having had one.

I think a family photo shoot is a perfect gift for loved ones this Christmas! The shoot can be booked in time to get prints or canvasses done as gifts. I also provide gift vouchers that can be given as a present and the shoot booked at a later date. 


As with all my photography, my style is very relaxed and natural. I love to meet a family in the comfort of their own home, or at a location special to them. Children feel much more relaxed in their own surroundings, rather than a studio, and equally location shoots are great for kids as they can roam around and not feel like they are posing for the camera. Whichever type of shoot is chosen, I always make sure I get loads of different group shots, plus the children on their own. I provide a huge choice of images and any can be colour or black and white. A photo shoot is a really fun thing to do as a family, and it captures those special times forever, as well as making a brilliant present for loved ones at Christmas!

£75 for a natural shoot, your home or location in York 

Includes 6 digital images chosen from many, high resolution copyright free and printable (Extra images can be purchased if required) 

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Wedding photography and wedding venue photography

During the Covid crisis, all the weddings I had booked for this spring and summer have rearranged. Luckily I am free on all the new dates, so I can look forward to doing them next year. However, I have missed doing wedding photography this season! So this job at the gorgeous Highcliffe Manor, Flamborough Head, was fantastic!


The brief was to get some lovely location shots of the amazing venue, rooms set up for a wedding, exteriors, bedrooms, and a general showcase of the venue. It is a stunning place, and absolutely perfect for a wedding. I was in my element! I was also asked to get some shots of the gentleman who owns the venue, and his family. His stunning granddaughters modelled bridal gowns for me, and the locations to get great shots, in and around the venue, were endless. I was lucky enough to work with Hayley Smith Venue Stylist, Rosebud Flowers and Treasured Brides. A great team of talented and lovely people! 

This was a great shoot at a fabulous location, and it was so nice to capture some wedding images after what feels like so long, even if it wasn't a "real wedding". Wedding photography has been my passion for so many years, and this was fab!

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Property Photography

Most of my week is spent doing property photography for estate agents. 

This was a lovely property I did the other week. I love it when I walk in to a house and it is neat, tidy, and beautifully decorated. This one did not disappoint, it was like a show home! The vendors had obviously done a lot of work to it over the years, and the price it is on the market for reflects that. It has gorgeous views looking over open fields. As well as overall shots of each room I also get nice feature details, and there were plenty at this one. 

This particular property just required a floor plan and photography, although these days I also offer the option of a 360 tour, which some agents like. 

These days I have to work very safely, so I always wear PPE - a mask and gloves. I touch as little as possible when I am in the property, and I hope vendors are put at ease with the safety measures I take. The way I work has had to change due to Covid, and I get through so much hand gel each day I should buy shares in it! But it is better to be safe than sorry. I have to say, I find in more difficult to communicate with people when wearing a mask, and gone are the days when I gladly accept a cuppa if offered. But I am still my usual friendly chatty self, even if I am a bit more muffled than usual!

This particular property was a real pleasure to photograph - I am sure it will look great online and I have no doubt it will sell quickly. 

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Property Photography

Most of my week is spent doing property photography for estate agents. 

This was a lovely property I did the other day. The vendors booked me directly because they are using an estate agent who isn't local to York, therefore it was more difficult to get photos from them. I do a lot of property photography for vendors directly, as they often sell with online agents and get professional images done separately. 

This house was particularly nice and so easy to photograph. It makes a huge difference when people put stuff away, even little things like toilet roll and bins! I always take  as many angles of each room as I can, plus lovely feature details to set the scene. Blue skies are added afterwards if needed. 

Professional property photography is so important when selling or renting. It showcases each property at it's best and really encourages potential buyers through the door.  Read More

Afternoon tea photography

Most of my work is wedding photography, portrait photography and property photography, and I love each aspect equally. However, I do like it when I get asked to do something different!

This was a fab shoot for Ursula's Kitchen, a catering business who specialise in afternoon teas, cakes and grazing platters for weddings and events. I was asked to photograph the afternoon tea in my studio against a white backdrop, and do some overall shots and close ups, showing not only the food, but also the beautiful crockery and tea sets which are available for rent. It was a really enjoyable shoot, as it allowed me to use my creative side, placing the food in different ways, and using various lovely pieces to show it on. The colours were amazing (as were the smells!) and I was really pleased with the vibrancy of the images. I love the way the details are shown, with a suggestion of more things fading out behind the main image.

So while product photography and food photography are not my usual line of work, I love to do to it, and this job was really enjoyable. Especially as I got to eat the food afterwards!

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