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Property Photography - guest houses


This was a gorgeous house I photographed the other day for local York estate agents Peter Moody and Co. Situated down a lovely tree lined avenue in York, it is a large house and great to photograph. I especially love the spacious entrance hall and landing.

When photographing property I make sure I get as many wide angle shots of each room as possible. I also like to capture the nice details of each property. All images are fully edited afterwards, with blue skies added if necessary. Not in this case, it was a lovely sunny day! I like to shoot through open doorways as I think it shows the layout of the house well.

As part of my work as a property photographer in York, I also provide detailed floor plans with measurements. And since the first lockdown I have taught myself how to produce 360 tours of properties. I find these ae so helpful in these days of Covid restrictions as it really enables potential buyers to virtually walk through the property before making an actual visit. Of course, they still need to go and see the place in person if they are interested after that, but I think the 360 tours really help people get a feel for a place, so hopefully only genuinely interested parties will go for a viewing in person. 

I am lucky to be a property photographer in York as there such nice places in the area! 

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Property Photography - guest houses

This was a fab shoot! A gorgeous holiday let, opening soon, situated in the centre of York.


It is marketed by the fab YorGuestLtd. who are a pleasure to work with, "Corner Lodge", Bishophill. The attention to detail is amazing, beautiful artwork and a lovely place to photograph. As always, I get overall shots of each room from as many different angle as possible, but I also like to capture the details of each property. I offer photography, floor plans, or 360 tours, of holiday lets, or private homes for sale or long term lets.

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Property Photography - guest houses

During these times of restrictions, although I miss doing wedding and portrait photography as much as I used to, I am so lucky that the property market has remained largely open. This has enabled me to continue working, which I am so grateful for. Property photography is so important when selling or letting a property, either with estate agents or for holiday rental. I capture each room from as many angles as I can, and I also love to capture the details of each property to show their uniqueness. I like to capture images from different angles and use reflections where possible, to make each property stand out through it's photography. Over the last few months I have developed the property photography side of my business and I am now producing amazing 360 tours so the viewer can virtually walk round each place and get a real feel for it. Floorplans are another part of the packages I provide if required.


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Virtual Exhibition - York In Lockdown

York is my home town and I love it with a passion. I have always lived here and am very privileged to do so. I often go in to town to work, and also for pleasure at weekends (obviously before lockdown) and every time I go I find myself acting like a tourist and walking about, looking around me and up high, just taking in the amazing buildings and streets. I have missed my usual trips in to town over the last few weeks, so the other day, I took my daily walk around deserted York. It was humbling and very eerie. Streets were empty of the usual hustle and bustle, no workers, shoppers or tourists. Shops, cafes and tourists spots were all closed, and it was a very emotional feeling walking around. I thought of the past in York, thousands of years ago, hundreds of years ago and decades ago, and what life must have been like then. And I thought of the future, when this will be probably be the biggest part of York's history for many many years to come.

I usually use my trusty Nikon D700 for work, however, I have recently purchased a Panasonic G9. This was going to be my second camera for weddings but I am finding I am using it more and more as my main camera! I love it! It is so lightweight and quiet, and it's ability to shoot in low light, and produce pin sharp images is amazing. So this is what I used for the images in this exhibition, and a wide angle lens.

I have decided to create a Virtual Exhibition of Lockdown York. I have done all the images in black and white, partly because I love black and white and also because I think it captures the mood of this ancient, beautiful and empty city perfectly. I wanted to capture a time in the history of majestic York that will, hopefully, never be repeated again.

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Property Photography - Top Tips for getting the best images

Much of my work is property photography. I work for estate agents in York, as well as directly for vendors selling with online agencies. I also do one off jobs for Air B and B's, guest houses and hotels. And I provide detailed floor plans.
My top tips for getting the best photographic images of your property to sell or rent:

  • Always have the camera on a tripod or monopod
  • Shoot in landscape format
  • Show all angles possible of each room from the corners
  • Show unique details of each property
  • Use a wide angle lens for the overall shots
  • Shoot from shoulder height (approx 5 feet)
  • Keep the verticals of the walls straight
  • Use flash bounced off the ceiling or a wall
  • Use an aperture of around f/11 to get a good depth of field
  • Use a monopod to get a high up exterior shot
  • Where possible, get an exterior shot when the sun is shining on to the property
  • Lights on or off? This is a tricky one... different photographers prefer one or the other and there are pros and cons for both. Personally, I prefer lights off, as when they are on it creates burnt out light patches on the ceiling and walls that can be distracting to the eye. If there is good natural light I would always leave lights off. Some would argue lights on give a warmer feel to the images....

And here are my top tips for vendors to get their property ready for photography to sell or rent:

  • Declutter as much as possible
  • Hide items away in cupboards
  • Kitchen surfaces cleared
  • Dress the property - fresh flowers are perfect
  • Personal photos away
  • Cars off the driveway
  • Toilet roll, towels and bath stuff away
  • Bins out of sight
  • Generally have the property looking it's absolute best for the shoot