York Wedding Photographer

York wedding photographer

Photographs at the wedding reception

My wedding package is charged from an hour before the ceremony up until the meal (see prices), however I am more than happy to stay on during the reception, until the first dance. This is a perfect way to end a set of wedding photographs, with images of the speeches, the dancing, and guests having a good time.

The longer I spend photographing a wedding, the more images I provide each couple. I totally understand that not everyone wants evening photography, and there is certainly no obligation to book me for the extra time. For some weddings, it is simply not needed.

However, staying on during the reception gives me plenty of time to get loads of candid, informal images. It is great to capture the speeches, and get the reactions of the guests listening, and the first dance is a lovely way to end the day. As always, my style is very unobtrusive, and with a long lens I am able to keep my distance yet still get amazing shots.