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Weddings at The Grange Hotel York


The Grange Hotel in York is such a beautiful venue, and I especially love it at Christmas time.

Martha and Dan's big day was really unusual, and a real pleasure to be a part of it. I met them at The Grange Hotel for drinks with their guests before the ceremony. I have never known a couple do this before, but actually it worked so well! Yes, it took the element of surprise away for Dan, when Martha walked down the isle later, but they both said it helped them relax before the ceremony, and it was lovely for guests to mingle before heading to the Register Office.

Another great thing about planning the day like this meant we were able to get the majority of the bride and groom shots done before the ceremony, which was far better for light at this time of year, and it meant the formal shots were out of the way early.

Martha looked absolutely stunning, with a gorgeous backless dress with beautiful detail in the sleeves. Dan too looked great in his suit, and the button holes and bouquet by Fleuadamo completed the outfits perfectly.

The Grange is just beautiful for bride and groom shots, and my favourite spots are on the amazing staircase inside, and on the stunning steps outside. At Christmas there is always a huge beautifully decorated tree in reception, so that works perfectly for the group shots.

Just before heading to the Register Office, we got all the guests outside for a full group shot on the steps. Luckily there is a pedestrian crossing right outside, so if I make the traffic lights turn to red, I get a few seconds to stand in the middle of the road to get the best shot, without getting run over!

Guests walked down to the Register Office and the ceremony was just lovely. And emotional! Luckily we just had enough light left to get a few group shots in the gardens afterwards.

The reception was held at the stunning De Grey Rooms, opposite York Art Gallery. This is another beautiful York venue. Martha and Dan had told me they didn't want any more formal photos once the ceremony was over - they just wanted to party! This is why the format of their day worked so well for what they wanted. However, it does mean I only have candid images from the reception, hence this blog is mainly about The Grange Hotel and not so much about the equally beautiful De Grey Rooms!

I am so passionate about my job, and I love Christmas, so a winter wedding at two gorgeous York venues (3 including the Register Office) was just amazing to be a part of.


Weddings at The Marriott Hotel York

The Marriott Hotel is one of my favourite York venues. With stunning views across York racecourse it is amazing.

Kim and Danny were a pleasure to work with. So chilled out and relaxed! It was great the weather was nice enough to have the ceremony outside, such a lovely place to have it!

Group shots were done in the gardens, then I took Kim and Danny off for some shots of them. Perfect settings include the racecourse in the background, the little seat hidden away, and the staircase inside. Fab couple and venue!



Weddings at Aldwark Manor



I love working at Aldwark Manor so I knew Kelly and Rich's wedding was going to be amazing.

The interior of the hotel is beautiful, and I just love the staircase. I was so pleased Kelly wanted bridal preps covering. Rich and the lads looks very smart, and Kelly was just beautiful!

After the ceremony we did the group shots in the small garden area, then took Kelly and Rich on to the bridge and the staircase for some gorgeous shots of them. I was covering evening photography, which I love doing, and especially at this one as I got to enjoy the fireworks!




Wold Top Brewery Wedding


Jen and John's Wold Top Brewery wedding was gorgeous! From bridal preps at Jen's parents house, to the church, to the Brewery, I loved every minute!

Jen looked stunning and luckily the weather was fine. The church had a lovely country feel to it, all old beams and wooden gates. I had never worked at Wold Top Brewery before and it is such a fab place! In the middle of the countryside, beautiful views and a real quirky feel to it. Another amazing day....



Emma and Dan's Wedding at The Pavilion Hotel York


Emma and Dan's wedding at The Pavilion Hotel York was amazing! I love this hotel in Fulford, York, and as Emma was getting ready there it meant extra time at the hotel. Lovely rooms! Emma looked stunning, and with the ceremony being all under one roof I was able to capture bridal preps, then the lads downstairs, then go back up to the room for some sots of Emma ready.

It's a really intimate feel for ceremonies at The Pavilion, and afterwards all the guests went out for a full group shot. Once the rest of the groups were done, I took Emma and Dan to the courtyard, which is my fave place there for photos, then on to the stunning staircase. I had been booked to cover the first dance, which is always nice as I am there for the full day, and it is the perfect end to the photos.



Alex and Dan's Wedding at Pavilions of Harrogate


I loved being a part of Alex and Dan's gorgeous wedding at Pavilions of Harrogate. A fab couple and a beautiful venue! So many quirky photos to be had, from the band stand, to the racecourse, to the stables, and perhaps my favourite, the view looking towards the viaduct. I loved the natural feel of this wedding. Alex looked beautiful and her flowers were stunning. The weather was great and it was lovely to stay on for the evening and watch the sun go down over Pavilions of Harrogate.



A Christmas Eve wedding - Rachel and Adrian - wedding photography, wedding photography York, Christmas wedding

Looking back over the years of some of my favourite weddings…..


Christmas weddings are so lovely, so I was very excited to get the booking from Rachel and Adrian for their wedding on Christmas Eve. The day came and although it was cold, it was lovely and bright – the perfect winter day. I met Adrian at the register office in York, and noted the amazing tailored suit straight away. Rachel arrived a little later and she looked gorgeous! The dress was beautiful and the flowers perfect for the time of year.


York register office is such a fab venue, with beautiful natural light coming in through the large windows. After the ceremony everyone went outside for photos in the garden. Once the group shots were done, the guests made their way to the reception venue – a particular favourite of mine, the hidden gem that is Bedern Hall. I really don’t think Rachel and Adrian could have picked a more perfect venue for a Christmas Eve wedding!


Rachel, Adrian and I took a less direct route to Bedern, and stopped off at some favourite York locations en route. As much as I love doing the candid, informal images at each wedding, I think the thing I enjoy the most is spending time with the bride and groom, getting beautiful, natural images of the two of them, using the landscape and scenery around us. I am very passionate about York and feel very privileged to live in such a beautiful city, so the walk to Bedern Hall, stopping off for photos as we went was just amazing! Rachel and Adrian are such a lovely down to earth couple that we had real fun. It was strange seeing all the people bustling around us doing last minute shopping or going to the pub, while we were there in bridal finery and with camera….


Once at Bedern, the fact that it was Christmas Eve really hit home. The décor of the place was just beautiful and so festive. I stayed throughout the meal, which is always nice as I feel I capture the whole of the day. And I wouldn’t have missed listening to Rachel and Adrian playing with their brass band – certainly a first for me to watch a bride playing in a band on her wedding day! It was the perfect end to the perfect day. I went away from this wedding with such a lovely warm feeling inside and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.

Matt and Tom, civil ceremony, Fairfield Manor, same sex wedding photography, wedding photography York

Matt and Tom's wedding was amazing! Such a fab couple and it was a really emotional day. At a venue close to my heart, Fairfield Manor in York.


I was there for the preperations, so unusually I was working between 2 rooms as the boys were getting ready at the same time but didn't want to see each other. They both looked fab in matching suits and they saw each other for the first time as they met and walked down the isle together.

After the (emotional!) ceremony, we did the group shots outside the hotel, then I took Matt and Tom down to the bridge, which is a lovely area at Fairfield. I have done same sex ceremonies before, but this was my first big wedding for 2 guys, and I loved it! A great couple, and so easy to work with. And the best table plan I have ever seen, all hand sewn by Tom!

I am gald that Matt and Tom booked me to stay until the first dance, as it meant I was a part of the whole day, and got to see all the best bits!


Angela and Sean, Allerton Castle, York, wedding photography York

I have always wanted to do wedding photography at Allerton Castle in Yorkshire. I was so pleased when Angela and Sean booked me - they are a great couple, at one of my dream venues!


Ceremony and reception was at the castle, so on arrival I went up to the stunning room where Angela was getting ready. Her dress was awesome - so beautiful and different, she looked amazing! Sean too looked great, with top hats and canes for the men!

The amount of detail in this wedding was second to none. Angela had thought of everything.... From the colour scheme, to the owl carrying the rings, to the dress(es!), and everything in between.

Weddings at Allerton Castle are magical and I hope I get lots more wedding photography at Allerton Castle!


Kirsty and Ryan, The Marriott Hotel, York, wedding photography York

Kirsty and Ryan's wedding was fab! The Marriott Hotel makes a beautiful backdrop for photos, with the Racecourse in the background. I was also chuffed to bits when Kirsty and Ryan suggested going to The Millenium Bridge for photos!

Luckily the weather was fine and after the ceremony Kirsty and Ryan got a lift in their wedding car to the Millenium Bridge, which is only 5 mins away from the hotel. It is a stunning structure and makes some fab pics. People walking across usually keep out of the shot, but if not, I can always edit them out afterwards!

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Caroline and Andy, York Minster gardens and The Merchant Adventurer's Hall, wedding photography York

Caroline and Andy's wedding was a little different.... they were already married! They had had a smaller wedding out of York a few weeks before and were having a larger party to celebrate.

This actually worked really well for the photos, as it meant I could meet Caroline and Andy (and their gorgeous dog!) before the guests arrived to do the shots of the 3 of them. This then didn't take them away from their party later. We went to the gardens by The Minster, which I love, and then to my favourite street in York - the cobbled one by The Treasurer's House. Love the red pillar box!

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Katie and Chris, Fairfield Manor Hotel, York wedding photography

Fairfield Manor Hotel is just down the road from me and I work there a lot. I love the venue as I know it so well and the staff are lovely! Plus it makes some fab shots! So I was chuffed when Katie and Chris boked me!

I do enjoy doing a church wedding, but equally good is when everything is at the same venue (easier for photos!) Bridal preps were at the hotel in one of their stunning rooms. Katie and Chris are a fab couple with gorgeous kids, and the whole day was a pleasure from start to finish.

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Heidi and John, Haxby Methodist Church, Buttercrambe Hall, York wedding photography

I loved Heidi and John's wedding! It was at my Mum's church in Haxby, where I used to go as a child, and I knew Heidi and John from years ago, so it was lovely to be their photographer!

I started off with bridal preps in Haxby. Heidi looked amazing, as I knew she would! Just gorgeous, with a stunning dress! Then it was on to the church to get pics of the lads, some of who I knew from school!

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Claire and Steve, York Register Office, The Grange Hotel, wedding photography York

Claire and Steve got married at York Register Office, and guess what, we went to The Museum Gardens for photos afterwards! Love it there!

Claire wanted me to start with bridal preps, which I think is the perfect way to start the wedding photography. These were at the Grange Hotel, so nice and handy for the walk to the ceremony. The Grange has some gorgeous rooms, so always a pleasure to work there.

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Kayleigh and James, St Olaves Church York, Museum Gardens and The Cedar Court Grand York, wedding photography

Kayleigh and James' wedding was fantastic! St Olaves Church is a gorgeous little place down Marygate - full of character and old stonework. And of course the Museum Gardens are a must for photos!

I arrived at the church and got some fab shots of the lads, who all looked amazing in their suits, top hats and canes! They were outdone only by Kayleigh who looked gorgeous!

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Sarah and David, wedding photography in Malton, The Old Lodge Malton, Yorkshire

Sarah and David's wedding was amazing! A beautiful church in Malton, and on to a marquee in the grounds of the lovely Old Lodge Hotel.

I was really pleased that Sarah wanted bridal preps doing at The Old Lodge - the room is so beautiful it made some fab shots! Although Sarah had to be careful standing by the window as David was in the grounds below!

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Jen and Dean, Crab and Lobster, wedding photography Thirsk, wedding photography York

Jen and Dean's wedding was gorgeous! Such a lovely couple and two amazing venues.

I started off doing bridal preps at The Crab and Lobster near Thirsk. I love this venue! It is so quirky with so many possibilities for photos. We got some fab shots of Jen getting ready, and the dress and flowers looked beautiful in the gorgeous rooms and on the staircase.

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Ellie and Olly, Selby Abbey and a garden marquee, wedding photography Selby, wedding photography York

Ellie and Olly's wedding was fab! They got married at the very beautiful Selby Abbey, then on to Ellie's mum's house where they had a secret garden theme with a marquee.

I went along to the house beforehand to do bridal preparations. I love doing the preps! It is a lovely part of the day. I never get in the way, and just snap around what is going on, as well as getting beautiful detail shots of the dress, shoes and flowers.

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