Top tips when choosing your wedding photographer

When booking the photographer for your wedding it is imperative you get it right. The photographer is someone who will be with you for a long time on your big day, and the photos are one of the few things you will keep after the wedding. There are so many photographers out there, where do you start? I have put together a few tips that may help you when you start looking ...

  1. Personal recommendation if possible. Do you know anyone who has recently got married? Who was their photographer and were they happy? If someone you know can recommend a photographer personally that is a good start. Do you know anyone in the industry?
  2. Look at different photographer’s websites to compare styles and packages. Are they more traditional or contemporary in the way they work? Not all will have their prices on their website, so contact 5 or 6 to get an idea of cost.
  3. Don’t necessarily go for the cheapest option. In fact, often there is a reason if someone is much cheaper than others. This could be a very good photographer just starting out who cannot charge established prices. But do make sure you know first.
  4. Find out how long a photographer has been around – it is far better to get someone established with a good reputation and experience, than someone who has only done a couple of weddings.
  5. Having priced up 5 or 6, make an appointment to go and see 2 or 3. Not only do you need to make sure their portfolio is good, you need to feel comfortable with them as a person. They will be spending a lot of time with you on your big day, and it is really important you choose someone you get on with and whom you can relax around. Will they fit in to your big day or might they take over?
  6. Make sure you find out exactly what you get for the price – how many images, will they be digital, are they copyright free and printable? Some photographers charge extra for you to have all your images so be careful. Is an album included in the price? If so, do you want one - if not why pay for one? If the package does not include an album, can you get one at a later date if you want to? How long will the photographer be with you on the day?
  7. How long will it take for you to get all your edited images? A few months after the wedding is not quick enough and is not acceptable.
  8. Do guests get the chance to look at the photos and purchase them on a website?
  9. What happens if the unthinkable occurs and the photographer is taken ill or has an accident and cannot make it on the day? You need to know what plans they have in place to make sure you are not left without a photographer.
  10. Find out if the photographer has a back up camera in case of technical failure.
  11. Is the photographer happy to do all the shots you want and will they bring a list of all the group shot you would like and make sure they are all taken? Will they give you an itinerary and timings for photos on the day?
  12. What insurances do they have?

These sound like a lot of things to be finding out from the photographers you see, but anyone not happy to fully answer these questions and any more you may have, are perhaps not the right person for your big day.

Choose carefully, and most importantly take in to consideration the quality of the images, the style of the photographer, what you get for the price, and what they are like as a person.